Experience the Life
of Jesus Christ

Walk Beside Him as He Goes Through His Mortal Ministry

Walk Beside Me is an innovative book which combines the four gospels, maps, outlines, and stunning artwork to immerse you in Christ's life.

Great for use with the Church's new Come Follow Me program, Walk Beside Me is a thorough and meticulous harmony of the gospels for Latter-day Saint readers. Walk Beside Me puts the four gospels of the New Testament side by side to form one complete account of Jesus Christ's mortal ministry, so you can walk beside Him. The events of our Savior's life are put in order, each gospel filling in gaps with the others. Different accounts of the same event are lined up line-by-line, so you can compare the wording and see the colorful details each one adds.

This is especially great for reading out loud and for personal study. You will understand the life of Jesus Christ as never before.


• Full-page artwork for every page

• Maps on almost every page

• Large maps beginning each section

• Practical how-to instructions of how to study meaningfully

• Outlines

• Chronologically ordered

• Organized by event

• No encumbering commentary

• Full and exact King James text

• Great for full-time missionaries

• Clean minimalist aesthetic throughout

• Huge margins and generous white space for note-taking and sketching

• Innovative system to find standard references quickly

Price: $30 + $5 shipping

an image of Jesus Christ